We are an association of Aymara women (from the Andean region of Bolivia), dedicated to producing high quality handicrafts.

Since we were little girls, we learnt how to knits from our mothers and grandmothers, and now we are using this skills to create products that enclose the essence of ethnic style, representing, Aymara‘s culture iconography. Material used in production are 100% natural alpaca and sheep fibers, woven into hats, gloves, mittens (fingers covered or exposed), scarves, socks, legwarmers  for women, men, and kids, in exclusive design  and in a variety of colors, to satisfy the demand of our customers we also fulfill special orders according to our customer‘s request.

Every product we knit turns out to be a unique piece: thickness and color of the fiber, for example, may vary due to the spinning and knitting process made in house.

We live in La Paz – Bolivia.

Knitting Ladies